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Drip Drop by BiOzZ
by BiOzZ

This is a very cool looking image. The drops on the apple glisten. The splashing is caught at high speed. The background highlights the...

You really wrote an excellent piece based on the prompt. I think you answered the core question about "Was there much pain" and why the...

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Chez and Lusa sat down to their morning ritual of coffee and breakfast in the upper office area of the Happy Amper store in a small nook tucked in between the admin department and Chez’s office. It was a tradition they had continued throughout their rocky partnership. Every morning, Chez would have her usual of a half a grapefruit, a slice of boiled egg and a demitasse of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee—straight, no cream or sugar. Lusa would also have her usual breakfast: a dozen eggs-fried, a full loaf of toasted pumpernickel bread-buttered, a kilogram of baked beans, twelve slices of premium bacon, a full Russian sausage, a stack of Swedish pancakes, two Belgian waffles with whipped cream and strawberries and three liters of protein shake with just a splash of coffee.

“Well then,” Chez said attacking her grapefruit as though she were holding a Bowie knife instead of a dessert spoon, “I received my first directive from my new boss—Ramoncita.”

“Uh-huh.”  Lusa had forked a mound of Swedish pancakes with her right hand while firmly grasping the pitcher of protein shake in her left.

“Seems I’m running a sloppy operation. Seems I’m missing opportunities in Bromley and Manchester. Seems I’ve let the quality of our product degrade. And it seems that I should have pulled the Spring Line of Dapper Dyke clothing off our shelves a month sooner.”

“Yah.” Lusa was particularly effusive that morning.

“One month into the business and she’s already an expert. I’ve been carrying water for Quincy for seven years and this is the thanks that I get.”


“What does Quincy have against me? I should be in Ibiza. I should be running the continental show. I was there with Quincy at the beginning when all we had was one mule and a tiny toe-hold in Knightsbridge. From that small nub I built an empire. There wouldn’t be a continental operation without me. What does Ramoncita have that I don’t have in spades?”

“She is Quincy’s clone—little Quincy.”

“What?” Lusa wasn’t known for making profound statements, much less complete sentences, so Chez sat up and took notice. “A Quincy clone?”

“Yah,” Lusa continued. “Ramoncita nothing…nobody, before she meet Quincy. Quincy take away, weak, scared girl and replace her with angry, ruthless woman—just like her.”

“Really? You think so? She didn’t do that with me.”

“Mmm…you smart. You have spine. You know how to say ‘no.’ You are threat to her leadership.”

“You’re right, Lusa. I am smarter and more experienced than Ramoncita. I made Crystal Corazon what it is today—the most popular party drug on the nightclub circuit and an absolute boon for the plaster bandage and prosthetic limb industries.”

Chez pushed away the half-eaten slice of boiled egg. “But, what do I do?”

“You be good underling. But when they not looking, you pull rug out from beneath their feet.”

“They? Which they?”

“Ramoncita and Quincy…both ends against middle.”


“Must be both, or survivor will kill you.”

“Who runs the operation when they are both gone?”

“You become new Quincy. I become new Chez. We make lots of money.”

“I can’t believe you’re telling me all this. How do you know about these things?”

“I survive too many revolutions. Why I leave home…too many revolutions.”

“That’s quite the plan. Maybe for our next breakfast, we can work out the details.” Chez sipped the last of her Jamaican Blue Mountain. “I understand we had a little break-in last night. What was that all about?”

“Mmm, it is nothing. Small problem.”

“I wouldn’t call a break-in a small problem. We have quite a bit to protect here: cash, drugs, secrets.”

“Intruder is small problem. She is quite small compared to me. I will break her in many pieces. She not intrude any more. She not walk anymore.”

“Good thing we have a washing machine. Otherwise, we would have to burn all those bloody clothes.”

“I take care of small problem, set example, get word around that Happy Amper is not welcoming to intruders. There be much crying and gnashing of teeth.”

“Well, try to bring the intruder home alive. I have a lot of questions to ask our little burglar.” Chez pulled out her tablet from within her briefcase. “We should also be expecting a new drug mule soon. Quincy will have to replace Ramoncita. Hopefully, this time, we get someone a little more local and a lot less ambitious.”

“I notify chauffeur to expect new visitor at airport.”

“Hey! Do you know why my tablet has so many fingerprint smudges on it? I wipe it clean every night. Are these your fingerprints?”

Lusa held up her giant bear-sized paws. “Do fingerprints look this big?”

“God no! I have never met a man with hands that large.”

“I can barely hold stylus.” Lusa downed her pitcher of protein drink. “Meal was delicious. When is lunch?”

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“…police say they will search the neighborhood high and low until the culprits are apprehended. Until that time Mrs. Culverson and her Lhasa Apso Pip can only bolt their doors at night and remember fondly the Willenhall they used to know. Now here’s Lauren Fitwell reporting from Ibiza, Spain with BBC Health.”

“Thank you, Spence…It goes by many names: Cora, Crystal C, Loose-C, Lucy, Ruby Tuesday, Red Dawn and Girl’s Night Out, but you may know it best as Crystal Corazon. It is the designer drug being manufactured by the tonne somewhere in Midwest America, Eastern Siberia or possibly an Amazonian village in Bolivia. Somehow, someway it is getting sneaked into the U.K. in large quantities and then shipped here…to the world-renowned party island of Ibiza, where it sells for as much as £30 a hit.

“No one really knows how it got started. But Crystal Corazon is one of the rare narcotics that seems to only produce a high in females. Researchers believe that it reacts in some way with the female hormone estrogen. The drug produces a wave of euphoria in the user. Within an hour of ingestion, usually by mouth, although there have been reports of a stronger high when taken rectally; the user will be overcome by a sense of immense well-being, and high esteem. That is shortly followed by extreme narcissism, hyper self-centeredness and an impervious attitude toward pain and harm.”  

“(Shouting) A user might start her evening here… (Lauren is in a crowded night club with throbbing dance music playing loudly and strobe lights piercing the darkness to reveal chic, young women dancing mindlessly) …and end up the next morning in a place like this…”

(Cut to Lauren in a quiet, bright hospital wing in front of a pair of swinging doors marked ‘Casting Room.’ Now talking in a hushed tone.) This is outside of the A&E in St. Lucia Hospital on the outskirts of town. (A young blonde in a long leg cast methodically crutches past her) This is the Casting Room. In just the last 8 months, admissions here have skyrocketed 3700%. So much so, that the Spanish government recently had to triple the size of this ward.  

“This is the consulting room. (Lauren enters through a sliding electric glass door. Inside the room are more than two dozen hospital beds all filled with young women in arm casts, leg casts, shoulder spicas, hip spicas, body casts and the occasional freshly amputated limb. It is a veritable sea of white plaster and bandages barely covered by white hospital gowns.) All of these women suffered single or multiple injuries within the last twenty-four hours. And this happens every night…seven days a week…broken arms, broken legs, mutilated and twisted limbs. Crystal Corazon is the slow killer that attacks women one body part at a time.”

“I’m here with Leanne from Derby. (Leanne is a toothsome teenager with strawberry-blond hair sitting upright in her hospital bed. Both of her arms are propped up in a plaster double-shoulder spica. Her left leg is in a cast just beyond her knee and her right leg is in a short cast up to her calf.) Leanne, tell us what happened last night.”

(Leanne) “Well, me and the girls ended up at the Wet Splash nightclub trying to figure out where we would get our evening started, right? Then Cill, my best friend Priscilla says, “Hey, I know a friend of a friend who can get her hands on some really Grade-A Cora. Why don’t we drop some tonight? YOLO, right? So, three hours later we’re dancing away at the Amnesia Club when the drugs start to take effect. You know, at first I am starting to feel really, really good about myself, right? I am beautiful, I’m busty, I’m supermodel tall with tiny little feet and I’m like kissing and making out with my friends. That’s when things got a little fuzzy. Cill did a face-plant right out of the DJ’s crow’s nest, Pammy hijacked a pedicab and rolled it off a cliffside and I found myself surrounded by an Italian lesbian motor scooter club badmouthing Juventus F.C.”

“And you received all these injuries when the lesbian motor scooter club attacked you?”

“No, I received all these injuries when I stole one of their Vespas and drove it up the staircase of the Ibiza Hilton and out the window of the Honeymoon Suite…then they beat me up.”

“Sounds awful. Do you think you will ever take Crystal Corzaon again?”

“Hmmm…not sure. They say the first time is the roughest. My biggest problem right now, is how am I going to get back to England? They won’t be able to fit me through the plane door. I’ll probably have to fly cargo.”

“Thank you, Leanne. (Lauren strolls through the Consulting Room passing in front of numerous women in slings and traction and a few with bandaged stumps, softly moaning and groaning.) The tragedy of Crystal Corazon has gripped this small resort island like a bacillus plague. Every day the boats bring thousands of young women on holiday to the beaches and clubs of Ibiza and every night the ambulances and ad hoc transports bring them into hospitals like St. Lucia to get mended and patched up. A few rehab clinics have been set up in England, France and Germany, but so far nothing has stemmed the tide of this highly dangerous drug. Today, a 737 will fly in with yet another crew of medical staff from Doctors Without Borders, but worried authorities here and in the capital can only wonder…will it be enough? This is Lauren Fitwell…, in Ibiza, Spain.”

Ramoncita clicked off the television. “What am I getting into?” she thought. She remembered her own horrible accident when her late boyfriend ran her over with his Audi causing her numerous broken bones and the loss of her right arm. Then she thought about her recent accident—her encounter with Lusa and the long, torturous night of having her limbs twisted and cracked. The pain was horrendous, practically unbearable. But then she remembered the two mule trips she made, her casts packed and crammed with packets of Crystal C—everything tight and comfy in her plaster body cast. She handled security flawlessly: every question answered, not even the slightest suspicion. And each of those trips netted her £300,000. And now she was going to be in charge. Those NYC to London trips were about to look like child’s play.

Ramoncita snickered and ordered her nurse to bring her another glass of Chateau Lafite. “Tonight I drink my wine out of a plastic straw. By this time next month, it will be a gold straw.”
Crystal Corazon - Chapter 18
This is Chapter 18 in the writing collaboration with :iconsharkycast: For more chapters see Sharkycast's page.

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There was a great deal of tremendous pain involved when Lusa “fixed” Ramoncita’s body. But now she was ready to pass airport security inspection. Nearly ready. There would be a short transition period. Ramoncita was expecting Lusa’s black bag to contain blunt weapons used for breaking bones. Instead, the bag was filled with clamps, grips, vices and restraints used to hold Ramoncita in place while Lusa used her enormous, bare hands to perform her work. She torqued, twisted and popped her ankles, wrists, arms and legs into grotesque shapes. Never had Ramoncita screamed so loud or so high

Needless to say, like everything that Quinn did Ramoncita was very impressed with it. She was reclining in a very nice and expensive bed in what appeared to be an extremely posh, private hospital in God only knows were, because it sure wasn’t London. She was waited on 24/7 by highly trained and attentive medical staff. She had quality medicine, quality care in a comforting, luxurious environment surrounded by serene forest. She had come a long way from the barrio. Having a dozen fractures with both legs in long leg casts, her once healthy arm in a long arm cast connected to a shoulder spica that went down to just above her belly button and her sore arm stump bandaged up was also far away from her life in the barrio.

Forty-eight hours of quiet convalescence was interrupted by a dire message from Nurse Robin.

“Ramoncita, you have a call from the United States. I can bring you one of the hospital laptops?”

“Could the caller reach me later? I am still in a bit of pain and could really use some rest.”

“I’m afraid not. It’s Dr. Quinn Nashfar and if we don’t do as she tells us the whole hospital could go away and all of the staff will end up looking like you.”

“Very well. Could you place the computer on my lap and angle the screen toward my face?”

“Of course!”

Quinn’s inquisitive face came up on the Skoptic video app. Her chin was propped up on two casted hands, her knuckles completely covered in plaster.

“How are you feeling, Honey?” Quinn asked although she appeared a bit distracted.

“Terrible. How should I feel? I am in horrendous pain. My legs, my arm are…wait a minute! What happened to you? Why are your hands in casts?”

“You mean these?” Quinn said holding her hands up. “I just had a minor disagreement with one of my work associates. But not to worry. We’re straightening things out as we speak. After the reconstructive surgery, my anger management coach should look as good as new and not a word of this will get out to my probation officer.”

“Your secrets are always safe with me.”

“Most excellent. I won’t ask you how you are as I have the full medical report and I’d just like to say I am very impressed with the results. I would like you to know how much I appreciate your initiative. Just a few months into this business and you are already showing an aggressive, proactive attitude. A girl willing to make money for this organization is a girl who will go far in this organization.”

Raising her casted legs and bandaged stump out their slings, Ramoncita said, “This wasn’t entirely my idea. When I suggested more casts, I didn’t expect to have all of these bones actually broken.”

“Part of having a great plan, Dear, is seeing it all the way through. I thought I would let you know that your ex-boyfriend’s funeral was last week. I’m sorry that you weren’t able to make it, but it is probably best that way.”

“Not to worry. He won’t be missed. Not like my right arm.”

“I plan to make it all worth your while. Once you are well enough to get out of bed, I have several transatlantic trips planned for you; all business-related. Assuming the business trips go well and I certainly expect that they will, I have something very exciting for you.”

“Exciting? I just hope it doesn’t involve any more work with Lusa.”

“No, quite the opposite. I am sending you to Ibiza to run our Spanish operation. It is now our most successful operation and I need someone with initiative, determination and fluency in Spanish to run it.”

“Ibiza sounds great. My Spanish is better than my English. But you should understand that a Mexican accent is much different than a Spanish accent. They’ll know that I am a foreigner right away.”

“That won’t be a problem. You won’t have to present yourself as being Spanish. I just want you to develop some warm relationships with the Spanish Drug Enforcement Agency, some higher ups in Interpol and some Senators in the Cortes Genereles. You know, grease a few palms and whatever else needs to be greased. It’s a plum assignment and I will triple your salary.”

“I don’t have a salary. You pay me on commission.”

“From now on, you will have a salary, with benefits…and, I am going to triple it.”

“This sounds like a great opportunity. I’m starting to feel better about all of these injuries. I won’t have to sustain any more, will I?”

“I can’t say what the future holds dear. But I can promise you I will take care of one of your current problems.”

“What’s that?”

“I am promoting you over Chez. She will still be in London running my Islands operation, but from now on she will report directly to you instead of me.”

“But I’m her protégé. That’s going to be very upsetting to her.”

“You’re telling me. Oh well, with great power comes a lot of antipathy. I’m sure you’ll find a way to deal with her.”

“I’m sure I will,” Ramoncita said her fingers fidgeting at the end of her long spica cast.

“One last thing. Keep an eye out for Lusa. She’s completely loyal to Chez. Cross her and there is nothing I can do to help you.”

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“Welcome to the Happy ‘Amper!” read the exquisite cursive writing on the glass front of the darling boutique store smack dab in the middle of the trendier part of Carnaby Street. Ramoncita was getting to know the ins and outs of London better every time she crossed the pond. Somehow Carnaby Street seemed the perfect location for Chez’s front. A clothing store that specialized in fashion designed for the amputee woman just seemed a perfect cover. Of course she would open a store that specialized in stylish clothing for the woman who has everything except a few of her favorite limbs.

“Chez, honey. This is wonderful. I love these designs. One-legged pantsuits and mate-less shoes. It’s adorable!”

“Ramoncita! You look absolutely brilliant. Such a stunning dress you’re wearing. You’ve certainly developed quite an eye for fashion since you joined our sisterhood. How was the flight?”

“Ugh. Dreadful as always. Bloody businessmen are such a pain in the ass. They try to nudge your arm as some sort of come-on with their laptops only to notice you don’t have a flesh and blood arm. Then comes that awkward moment where they don’t know what to say. But I’ve found, ‘Forget it. I’m a lesbian,’ seems to work particularly well.”

“Ah, the hazards of our work,” Chez said as she adjusted the lighting on one of the armless mannequins dressed in a glittering sleeveless number. “Any problems with Customs or Security?”

“No, never. I have them eating out of the palm of my fabricated hand. A few of them even wink as I breeze by. Speaking of which…” Ramoncita leaned over to whisper in Chez’s ear. “I would like to show you a little of what I have brought back from the States.”

“I can hardly wait to see it. Why don’t you follow me into the back office?”

Ramoncita was surprised by how nice Chez’s amputee clothing line looked. It featured really dynamic patterns and material assembled to enhance the wearer’s missing limb or limbs. The colors were flashy without being over the top, and the cuts made an amputee woman a hero or better yet, a trend-setter. Even some of the jeans could make a girl feel like going out and breaking or losing a leg.

“Just let me know if something catches your fancy, Rae. We offer a fabulous discount for employees and you just happen to qualify.”

The back office was no small affair. Located on the second floor and accessed by personal lift, it took up the entire footprint of the retail store below. There were a number of desks made of mahogany and Cherrywood, soft leather padded chairs, marble coffee tables and plush carpeting and a stunning birds-eye view of the Carnaby scene below.

Chez took a seat in one of the padded chairs and picked up her tablet, donning her two-fingered artist gloves. “You have something to show me?” she mused.

“Loan me your cast-saw,” Ramoncita said gently lifting her giant leg cast up onto Chez’s desk.

The cast-saw quietly hummed as she cut through the center of her dark red fiberglass leg cast. Starting from her thigh and going right down to her toes. Soon she had the cast split apart.

“You see in addition to filling my artificial arm with as much Crystal Corazon as we can squeeze in, I have also found a way to fill my leg cast with even more of our precious ruby product.”

From within the cotton padding of her cast, Ramoncita extracted plastic packet after plastic packet of the glittering red narcotic. Like strings of hard candies in cellophane wrapping she placed the packets on top of Chez’s desk.

“That my love, is 2.3 kilograms more of our product, with an approximate street value of £37 million. Now if I can bring in 2.3 kilograms on just one leg, imagine what I could do with two broken legs and a broken arm?”

“Hmmm,” Chez pondered this carefully. “You’ve come quite a long way my stunning little protégé. We’ll need to start moving you through many different airports: Chicago, Philadelphia, LA. Familiarity breeds suspicion, right Darling?”

“Of course,” Ramoncita said. “And I could start wearing wigs and alternating my flats with my high heels. There’s a number of things I could do to alter my appearance and throw the Feds off our trail.”

“There’s only one small problem with your plan.”

“What’s that?” Ramoncita sounded surprised.

“I am afraid that the TSA is already wise to the girl who shows up wearing multiple casts to the international terminal at the airport.”


“Oh yes. They even started taking x-rays. Shame too. We’ve lost a lot of good girls to those darn x-ray machines. You see, once it is discovered that there are no broken bones underneath those casts, well, I’m afraid the jig is up. Which means there is only one thing we can do to get your incredibly brilliant plan to work.”

“Uh…what is that?”

“We’ll have to break your bones before we place them in the casts.”

“I’m, I-I-I’m sorry. What did you just say?”

“Don’t act surprised, Rae. Every brilliant plant involves a certain amount of blood, sweat and tears in order to come to fruition. We might as well get the blood and tears part out of the way first.”

“But, how? How are you going to do this? Wait, there must be other girls.” Ramoncita’s eyes dashed from one side of the cavernous office to the next. “Will there be a sedative? What’s my cut?”

“Don’t worry, Darling. You’re in excellent hands. We’re truly professionals here.” Chez lifted a sterling silver bell that had been sitting without much notice on her desk. Ting-a-ling. Ting-a-ling. “Oh, Lusa! Come here please. I have another assignment for you.”

Out from behind a black curtain just to the rear of Chez entered one of the tallest, largest, most muscular women that Ramoncita had ever seen: an auburn-haired beauty from out of the Asian Steppes with broad shoulders, thick forearms and the most gi-normous hands. In one of those hands she was carrying a black jeweler’s attaché case.

“Lusa,” Chez purred. “I have the most wonderful assignment for you. Dear Ramoncita here has volunteered to embark on an extremely dangerous mission, and she is going to need a few minor…adjustments, before tackling this imperiling task. Do you think you might be able to help her out?”

“Grrrr,” Lusa snarled.

Chez turned to Ramoncita. “Lusa is absolutely wonderful. Everyone admires her work. Did you know that she won a silver medal in the 2012 Olympics? ”

“N-no, I didn’t.”

“It’s true. She represented Uzbekistan in Greco-Roman Women’s Wrestling. Many Uzbeks believe that she was actually cheated out of the top prize. But don’t ask the winner, she’s still recovering from her injuries.”

“Is there any way that I can retract my brilliant idea,” Ramoncita said, sweat pouring down her temples.

“I’m afraid not, Rae. Lusa, why don’t you show Rae some of the amazing tools you will be using to assist her with her transformation?”

Lusa dropped the black jeweler’s attaché case on Chez’s desk. There was a clatter of heavy wooden and metal objects as the desk shuddered. “Grrrr.”
Crystal Corazon - Chapter 12
This is Chapter 12 of the continuing series in which I am partnering with :iconsharkycast:. Please check out his site for more chapters and awesome pictures.

Milestones are Coming!

Fri Jun 5, 2015, 7:29 PM
You probably haven't been tracking this like I have. But I have almost hit the 100,000 page view mark. And I will manage to do it in less than 6 years. Not too shabby! Thank you for all of your support and of course all of those page views. 

The other milestone isn't nearly as exciting. Next month I will turn the big 5-0. Yeah, I know, pretty scary. Believe me, last week it felt I was only 20. Time creeps up on you fast. But I am happy. I am in a good place. I have a great job and a great wife and I live in a great place in a great city. Life is very good right now. I am looking forward to finishing up my certificate program in Electronic Learning and getting back to my podcast...and maybe a little writing.

In the meantime, I will continue to work on Mayhem Mansion. I know it is coming out slowly, but I haven't forgotten about it. Here's how you can help: I need ideas for blunt weapons. There is a room full of blunt weapons in the mansion but I need your help figuring out what kind of blunt weapons. Please respond to this post by telling me what kind of bone-crunching items you would like to see in the Blunt Weapons Room.

Thanks and Cheers!

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